telephone and pBX

A simply a telephone system that houses all your calling or telephone features. A PBX system should be; hosted at your company location for the best service and reliability. It includes a number of technical and specialized features for all your telecommunication needs. We can help to implement it in the shortest possible time, allowing you to continue with business as usual .

IP means “Internet Protocol” – this allows you to use your existing network/wiring to connect the PBX with other devices (phones, PCs, soft-phones, etc.) for expansion and eliminate additional analog wiring costs. Most in house phone systems these days are IP or Network-based and allow for advanced features you won’t find in the older system.

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ALL our telephone & PBX  Installations feature the following:

Expert Installation Engineers
Remote Access on Phone, Tablets, PC & Mac
Where possible external tidy wiring and placement
Full training and help in using your new system

Why use PBX in your company?

Our IP-PBX Phone Systems are all VoIP (Voice-over-IP) trunk and Analog  line capable. This means you can share resources, connect remote offices, and remote workers across the country using internal company VoIP networking features.

How can you save?

You can sign-up for VoIP / SIP telephone line services to make and receive calls through Internal line (Direct Inward Dialing = Phone Numbers) – just like with analog telephone line services You can also have many/multiple phone numbers, just like with traditional (Plain Old Telephone Service) lines.

What's the difference?

The basics of a VoIP Phone System or IP-PBX is the similar to older analog telephone systems, a call comes in on a SIP Trunk (Your phone number’s) and is routed to the IP-PBX, and the PBX handles the call based on your company phone system settings

VoIP / IP-PBX Phone Systems have continually evolved over the past five years and more and more businesses are adopting these kinds of in house phone systems. The benefit of using your own IP-PBX system means you maintain control of it – and can update or expand your capabilities as your business grows.

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